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Kunming Changshui Airport

Kunming, China

Kunming Transport Ecosystem, a 17 million-square-foot transit-oriented mega complex, features two hotels, a bus terminal, a high-speed rail station, two subway stations, and a regional rail station that connects the region to the world’s air routes. Kunming Changshui Airport's Terminal 2 and the satellite concourse host 157 gates, making it the largest airport terminal complex ever designed by Gensler. Reflecting the natural wonders of the Yunnan province, its leaf-inspired roof design baffles daylight, softly illuminating the passenger environment below, resulting in reduced glare, increased passenger comfort, and lowered use of electric light and cooling energy. The awe-inspiring design is guided by human behavioral science and a strong collaboration between Gensler's experts in urban strategies, transportation integration, aviation planning, airport design, retail and concessions design, and sustainability.