A large room with a large glass wall and a large round table. A staircase in a building. A room with a couch and a rug. A couple of people walking down a long flight of stairs. A modern kitchen with a large glass door. A room with a table and chairs. A living room with a large window. A room with a glass door and a table with chairs.
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Latham & Watkins LLP, Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Latham & Watkins sought a new identity in its Hong Kong offices that expressed its global reach. To this end, Gensler’s redesign focused on improving internal connectivity, incorporating secure conferencing areas and reducing the size of attorney offices; sophisticated architectural detailing further allowed for smaller private offices and workstations. The design team’s answer to the irregular perimeter was found in a very simple glass veil that fronts the conference room and interior offices, while expanding magnificent views of Victoria Harbour. Abstracted Chinese-inspired design was complemented by a limited but rich set of design elements, for an efficient workplace with the feel of a luxury hotel.