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LinkedIn Omaha: Brand Design

Omaha, Nebraska

There is no doubt that the workplace paradigm is undergoing a major shift. In the face of such a shift, LinkedIn was one of the first major companies to realize the competitive advantage of leading with a people-first approach. The new LinkedIn Midwestern headquarters in Omaha is a place that leads with well-being, community, and resilience. It is a glimpse into the future of workplace design, based on trust and employee empowerment, and the ever-growing need to strengthen community.

Brand experience and storytelling are an integral part of LinkedIn’s community and culture-building strategy as it relates to the workplace, and at its Omaha headquarters, the strength of that connection is felt tenfold. Extensive research and employee engagement helped the Gensler Brand Design team to develop very personal graphic stories displayed throughout the office. Every graphic and material, no matter how big or small, holds meaning and purpose, all of which ultimately align with the LinkedIn culture and values.

The office’s team-based neighborhoods pulse with stories of inspiring social justice movements, the creativity and innovation that put Omaha on the map, and hilarious zoo escape stories reminding one to take risks and follow your dreams. Custom wallpaper prints activate the micro kitchens, barista, and watering hole, inviting one to seek out the hidden Omaha and LinkedIn gems within. While beautiful upcycled sculptures and a robust LEED education signage system celebrate the impressive sustainability feats that were achieved in the design of the space.

What is truly unique about the brand experience at LinkedIn’s new office, is that much of it was driven by the employees through workshops focused on workplace design, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability. The result is a space that has a draw because it exudes the diverse, innovative, and humble character of Omaha, and because the employees feel a sense of ownership, having informed a modern design that demonstrates that Omaha is so much more than corn and cows.