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MathWorks Lakeside Campus

Natick, Massachusetts

MathWorks, a global leader in mathematical computing software, expanded their headquarters with a new campus to accommodate the company’s continued growth. Gensler worked closely with MathWorks on the development strategy and provided master planning, architectural, and interior design for the new 550,000-square-foot complex. As designers for MathWorks’ Apple Hill Campus renovation, Gensler was uniquely positioned with lessons learned and a deep understanding of the company’s culture and objectives. The purpose-driven design for the new campus creates an environment and experience that inspires the work process and builds organizational community. Comfortably scaled workplace wings are organized around a central communal hub and sky-lit spiral stair. Amenities include a dining hall, grab-and-go cafe, and outdoor terrace. Throughout the campus, spaces are designed to maximize natural light and views.