A building with glass windows. A building with a pool in front. A room with tables and chairs. A group of people outside of a building. A group of people walking on a wooden deck. A pond with a building in the background. A large glass building with a fountain in front of it. A large white building with a dome roof.
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Myriad Botanical Gardens

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Gensler’s role in the renovation of this large, historic urban park included the design of several new park pavilions and a redesign of the entry. Four new structures, a restaurant, an open-air pavilion, a bandshell, and an extension to the existing palm conservatory are each designed to float in the landscape. The diaphanous bandstand is constructed of bent steel tubes, and a circular, open-air pavilion serves adjacent outdoor activities. A larger, glass-enclosed circular pavilion contains a full-service restaurant, reflecting a crisp version of neo-modern. The project was performed in conjunction with landscape architect The Office of James Burnett.