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Osso & Kristalla and Potente

Houston, Texas

With these sophisticated, new sister restaurants, the client plans to revitalize the ballpark district in downtown Houston and provide essential dining and entertainment space for visitors and residents. Potente is the mature, sophisticated, and upscale sister, while Osso & Kristalla is the young, playful, and more casual sister. Osso & Kristalla’s light, airy space alludes to an Italian trattoria, with two-story volume ceilings, large open windows, and patrons pouring out onto an outdoor courtyard. The restaurant’s casual design is communicated through playful elements, butcher-block tabletops, and an open concept kitchen. The upscale counterpart, Potente, is designed with juxtaposed black and white marble evoking a high-fashion cosmopolitan city like Milan. The luxurious design employs a dark palette to give diners a sense of privacy and exclusivity.