A room with a large glass wall and a pool table. A room with glass walls and a staircase. A conference room with a large screen. A room with a large glass wall. A large glass building with a staircase. A room with a desk and chairs. A room with tables and chairs. A building with glass windows.
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Phelps Dunbar

Baton Rouge, Louisana

In uniting its two locations into a new space, this 150-year-old law firm sought a fresh, contemporary aesthetic that would be flexible, efficient and encourage collaboration among its multigenerational staff. To preserve key elements of the Phelps Dunbar look and feel, Gensler leveraged the traditional use of wood and marble, but in combination with stainless steel, glass, and technologically updated functions. Reeded sidelights in partner offices bring in daylight, while satisfying the need for privacy. A central stair connecting two floors became an architectural symbol of the firm’s coming together, echoing the monumental stairs of its former New Orleans office and inviting cross-pollination between floors.