A hallway with orange doors. A room with a large white ceiling and a large round white ceiling. A group of people sitting on green couches in a room. A person sitting at a desk. A room with a table and chairs. A white circle with a black circle in the middle and a white circle with a white circle in. A couple of women sitting on a couch in a room with a wood floor and a green wall.
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Pinnacle Foods

Parsippany, New Jersey

Pinnacle’s new headquarters radically departs from their previous traditional, non-descript offices. Working with the client, Gensler developed a design centered around three goals: design a new workplace celebrating their love of food, create synergy by unifying business units and R&D under one roof, and encourage employees to feel like guests at a dining table.  Bold graphics throughout the space display Pinnacle’s products, immersing employees and guests in the company’s culture. Various test kitchens integrate R&D into the workplace, and a “store” exhibits products in a retail-like setting. With a 70% open plan, the space maximizes daylight and celebrates a collaborative culture of communication and creativity.