A person sitting in a library. A white refrigerator with shelves full of food and items. A hallway with red and white doors. A long hallway with blue and green walls. A room with a table and chairs.
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Pinnacle Foods: Brand Design

Parsippany, New Jersey

Inspired by Pinnacle’s culture and commitment to its customers, Gensler designed a new workplace environment and brand identity program that communicates the company’s rich history and love for food in a unique and innovative way. In a huge departure from their existing traditional, nondescript offices, the new headquarters embodies Pinnacle’s inclusive, innovative and non-hierarchical culture and unifies its business sectors with its research and development team in a highly collaborative and vibrant brand environment. To celebrate Pinnacle’s love of food, the design focuses on the “home experience” and incorporates the company’s recognizable high-branded food products through various branding and graphic installations. Images of products are featured throughout, while an open floor plan celebrates a collaborative culture fostering communication and creativity.