Whiteboard. A person playing a violin. A man and a woman. A shelf with plants on it. A staircase with a railing.
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Waitrose: Brand Design

London, England

Waitrose, one of the UK’s leading supermarkets, appointed Gensler to design a brand identity and environmental graphics program for its newly launched cookery school. Working in close collaboration with Waitrose, Gensler developed a brand identity that would present the cookery school in a familiar, domestic environment, while ensuring a comfortable and inspirational learning experience for students and staff. The space, designed to reflect the communal ambience of a kitchen table, makes reference to the multi-layered, interactive activity of cooking through large-scale illustrative graphics of produce, utensils and kitchen equipment installed on signature walls throughout the space. Upon entering the school, visitors are greeted by a sequence of images that allude to the fun, social and educational nature of cooking.