A shelf with plants on it. A couple of chefs in a kitchen. A room with a bar and stools. A group of people sitting at a table with drinks on it. A table with chairs and a window. A group of people sitting at a table. A man in a kitchen. A man and woman sitting at a table with a screen with lights.
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London, United Kingdom

One of Britain’s premier grocers, Waitrose enjoys a reputation for providing supermarket convenience with the service of a specialist shop. The company further cemented its position as a food lover’s destination with the U.K.’s first grocery store-owned cookery school. Emulating a kitchen table’s communal ambience while reflecting the Waitrose brand, the school offers a comprehensive schedule of classes, as well as a venue for press launches, wine tastings and media events. Gensler created the cookery school’s identity and environmental graphic package to complement the contemporary feel of the built environment, which includes 12 kitchen stations, a demonstration theater, floor-to-ceiling books shelves and wine display, dining area and wine bar.