A room with a table chairs and a large window with a view of the city. A modern looking glass office. A person walking up a staircase. A large room with a glass staircase. A person walking in a hallway.
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Polsinelli Shughart, St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri

For the consolidation of this progressive law firm’s urban and suburban locations into a single downtown office, Gensler renovated 80,500-square-feet over five floors. The reception area is now a double-volume space that celebrates spectacular views of the Gateway Arch, providing the desired dramatic focal point. A monumental interconnecting staircase ties the reception floor to conference rooms and a lounge above. Offices are housed along the perimeter to maximize views and the flow of natural light through glass-fronted interior conference rooms. The original brushed stainless steel-clad support columns are a recurring design element, and quarter-sawn sycamore and anigre frames all areas, dignifying Polsinelli’s local identity.