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QBE Insurance Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

Gensler designed QBE’s new Auckland office to support a transformational shift in the way the leading insurance provider utilises its workplace. The new, 100% free-address, activity-based workplace is a pivotal departure from the fixed desks, private offices, and siloed workstyles of old. A steel stair connects the now-contiguous floors enabling greater staff interaction whilst activating the centrally located meeting and social spaces. Reflecting the natural character of New Zealand, a range of both light and warm timber, and other raw, textural materials creates a strong backdrop punctuated by moments of vibrant colour in the breakout furniture, meeting room accent walls, and hexagonal acoustic ceiling panels that relate to the unique shape of the floor plate. The design team facilitated a series of staff workshops and interviews to ensure that the new ABW environment was tailored to the unique needs of the local QBE team.