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Los Angeles, California

Gensler Los Angeles partnered with REACH LA to design a vibrant and welcoming space where the nonprofit organization can engage and empower LGBTQ+ people of color through creative arts, health and wellness, personal development, and social enterprise. REACH LA provides resources and enrichment programs to support the LGBTQ+ community, people of color, and underrepresented communities that are at risk of HIV infection, income disparity, and social inequalities. The nonprofit also promotes the arts by supporting local artists and providing dance classes, performance practice, and musical support in its dance studio.

Guided by client insights, this community impact project embodies Gensler’s commitment to taking action that supports social justice and creating opportunities for the Black community. REACH LA's focus on supporting LGBTQ+ people of color and their allies is instrumental in achieving these goals — and with this new space, the organization can continue to positively impact LGBTQ+, minorities, and at-risk youth.