Photography by Dana Wheelock
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Ridgedale Regional Center and Library, Hennepin County

Minnetonka, Minnesota

The transformative renovation for Hennepin County’s Ridgedale Library, led by Gensler Minneapolis, provides a more accessible, bright, intuitive, and technology-rich community destination. Shorter bookshelves expose natural daylight and open sightlines for easier navigation, security, and views to surrounding wetlands. The library design features new modern and assorted furniture groupings, tech-enabled meeting and media rooms, a multi-purpose space, a quiet room, and a mother’s room. New energy-efficient LED lighting brightens the space and sets the standard for Hennepin County Libraries moving forward.

An expanded children’s area integrates literacy-rich and immersive learning and play experiences while the design also addresses the diverse needs of the multi-generational and special-needs patrons who utilize the children’s area, providing a variety of exposure to literacy and learning. The free-address staff environment includes collaborative areas, ergonomic furniture, a new, automated materials handling unit, and a break area that offers access to outdoor views.

Improvements to Ridgedale Regional Services Center address sustainable preservation, boiler and chiller replacement, 100% lighting replacement, site improvements, new security and automation control systems, extensive façade restoration, and a more pedestrian-friendly parking lot.