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San Francisco International Airport, Terminal 2: Brand Design

San Francisco, California

Designed in conjunction with the expansion and renovation of San Francisco International Airport’s Terminal 2, Gensler’s signage and wayfinding program blends technology with easily changeable directional signage designed to adapt to the terminals evolving information needs. The program, which has become the new wayfinding standard for SFO, incorporates elegant, durable signage structures into the terminal architecture and activity areas and features bold, highly legible typography and international symbology. Gate number “lanterns” glow with distinctive airline brand colors and provide clear identification of gate cueing and baggage claim areas. To highlight the terminals sustainable features, including unique amenities such as a hydration station where travelers can fill their reusable water bottles with filtered water, Gensler developed a green education signage program. Dynamic LED curbside signage, electronic display kiosks and flight information display units compliment traditional static wayfinding directional signage, creating a more integrated and seamless passenger experience.