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Science Museum Innovation Campus

Swindon, United Kingdom

Gensler developed a master plan to transform a former World War II RAF airfield site into a brand-new, cutting-edge innovation campus at Wroughton for the Science Museum. By consolidating the site’s existing structures into a combined 200,000-sq.-ft. building, the newly renovated RAF aircraft hangar can be reimagined as an innovation hub and testing facility.

Focusing on museum-led education and exhibition development, the site will play an active role in the incubation of technological and scientific innovation while also housing collections for significant cultural institutions. This design proposal creates additional revenue streams by providing enhanced space to support R&D opportunities and allows the Science Museum to operate as its own economic, energy, and environmental ecosystem and solar farm. Existing infrastructure, such as the hangar runways, can be repurposed to create natural test beds for autonomous vehicles and other technology advancements.