A building with a sign and plants. A building with a sign on the front. A display case with pictures. A room with a glass wall and chairs. A room with a large screen and chairs. A room with a couch and a counter with a display of electronic devices. A room with a large glass wall and a large window with a couch and a rug. A room with a bed and a couch.
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Bangalore, India

India’s newest premium furniture brand, Script, presents home solutions based on innovative design research and reflects the multi-dimensional lifestyles of young, aspirational urban consumers. In the new flagship store, “ecosystems” are merchandised into room settings while a demo area allows customers to create their ideal home environment. Custom shelving units divide the space in conjunction with flexible fixtures and lighting elements so vignettes easily transform to display the latest design trends and product innovations. To introduce new lifestyle concepts, the ground floor converts to an event space. An iconic exterior façade attracts passersby even when closed. Electronically operated louvers maximize daylight harvesting and showcase an aesthetic interplay of light that provides a dramatic feel at different times of day.