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SRS Distribution New Headquarters

McKinney, Texas

SRS Distribution’s new headquarters, designed by Gensler Dallas, is tailored to suit the company's present and future goals in a building that is 75% occupied, with the remaining space allocated for expansion. Designed in a Texas vernacular, the corporate campus is located next to a bourgeoning mixed-use development. Its architectural palette is composed of raw steel, patinaed metal, and detailing that pushes the boundaries of traditional tilt-wall construction. With an emphasis on amenities, the headquarters offers employees new areas to gather, including two outdoor green spaces. Interior materials are expressed through elements of layering, reflecting the brand’s layered products. A richly appointed cafe acts as a central gathering space for employees. The workplace layout supports mostly open workstations, while numerous private offices are located on the interior of the floorplate in order to maximize access to daylight.