A room with a large screen. A person sitting on a bench. A couple of people sitting on a couch in a room with a wood floor and a wood railing. A person standing on a staircase. A room with a table and chairs. A man and a woman in an office. A few women sitting in chairs. A person standing in a store. A group of people in a room. A room with a wall of paintings.
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SXSW Headquarters

Austin, Texas

SXSW’s headquarters reflects its culture of innovation, creative thinking, and sustainability. Artwork throughout the space celebrates the past, present, and future of SXSW in an environment that feels fun and whimsical, rather than stiff and corporate. Hospitality-focused design features balance cozy and modern design to create a mature, refined aesthetic with a sense of lightness and expansiveness. The open-concept workspace features rounded furniture to match the “music wave” pattern of the building’s architecture and responds to seasonal staffing shifts with the flexibility to scale up or down quickly. Closed offices are strategically placed along the perimeter of each floor, lining every wall except the South facing wall. To the South, from nearly every angle, floor-to-ceiling windows frame a postcard view of the Capitol dome, tying the iconic Austin landmark with the quintessential Austin festival.