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Bazaarvoice New York

New York, NY

Founded by Austinite Brett Hurt in 2005 after his family’s search for the ideal baby stroller, Bazaarvoice is a B2B technology enterprise company that provides authentic customer reviews and helps businesses reach and engage customers, target solutions, and promote brand loyalty. Housed in a historic building in Manhattan, the space echoes the patina and urban grit of New York, interwoven with the clear, clean timbre of Bazaarvoice. Designers were challenged with transforming the daily experience of every employee by giving them the tools they need to be efficient, comfortable, and energized. Open work areas include soft natural light, improved mechanical systems, white noise to balance the hub of activity, and sit-to-stand workspaces for every team member. The 105-year history of this Union Square building is celebrated in materials, while carefully coordinated views highlight the brick and mortar of the building itself.