A group of people sitting in a room with a red wall. Text. A pair of pink shoes. A group of people sitting at a table with laptops. A wall with pictures on it. Text. Text, letter. A glass walled office building.
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T-Mobile, 3305 Workplace:
Brand Design

Bellevue, Washington

The first building redesigned in T-Mobile’s headquarters campus renovation, the 3305 space was the spring board for a new way to experience the mobile carrier’s brand personality. The thematic strategy, dubbed "Power of Connections," served as a universal thread for tying the campus together. Interactive installations such as a large-scale Scrabble game and design-your-own-emoji wall build personal connections, while a pet photo wall and the "Magenta in the Wild" artifacts display invite people to become part of the workplace design and define their neighborhoods. The unique use of materials demonstrates T-Mobile's sense of rebellious optimism, and adds up to a fresh and fun expression of the brand and region.