A building with a pool in front of it and trees in the back. A large building with a pond in front of it. A building with a glass front surrounded by water. A building with trees and grass in front of it. A group of people walking on a paved area next to a brick wall. A building with windows and a body of water in the background. A hallway with glass doors. A large waterfall with glass walls.
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The Clark

Williamstown, Massachusetts

Gensler served as executive architect and sustainability consultant for a series of transformative projects on the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute’s 140-acre campus, leading a high-profile collaboration that included Tadao Ando Architects (design architect for the Clark Center and Stone Hill Center), Selldorf Architects (renovation architect for the Museum and Manton Buildings) Reed Hilderbrand (landscape) and Cooper, Robertson & Partners (master planning). The collaboration resulted in a world-class facility for research and conservation in which sustainability plays a central role while greatly enhancing the visitor experience.