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The IIBC — Imperial International Business City

Lagos, Nigeria

Africa’s first smart-eco city, The IIBC — Imperial International Business City — is a 200-hectare sustainable mixed-use residential destination located on a reclaimed island in Lagos Lagoon. Gensler architects centered the master plan for this exemplar community model around serene environments that elevate the residents’ living and access to recreational experiences, and promote sustainability. This new Central Business District creates a striking skyline set against Lagos Lagoon, offering an integrated, modern, and secure future home to international headquarters. Smart technology is woven across the city, enabling a revolutionary way of both working and living. The IIBC sets a new global standard for urban planning development in western Africa and serves as a new international destination for visitors and businesses alike. The smart-eco community embodies an advanced visionary strategy of resilience that is crafted and designed to suit the lifestyles and needs of today and tomorrow.