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The Landmark

Los Angeles, California

The Landmark is the fourth residential tower within an ensemble of six other modernist structures, built in the 70’s and 80’s, in the Brentwood neighborhood. The 376-unit tower seamlessly integrates into the existing grouping while delivering a distinct, contemporary language. Marking the client’s first luxury residential offering, the new property far exceeds expectations in terms of both performance and revenue.

The Landmark’s design, placement, height, and massing were carefully considered to allow access to views with a minimal adverse effect of shadows among the tall buildings. The new residential tower stands out through its height and contemporary expression while also framing, revitalizing, and branding the surrounding towers and public space. Balconies create a recognizable residential design feature and serve as remarkable, sweeping viewpoints where homeowners can enjoy the moderate coastal climate. The architectural language is influenced by the surrounding slab-residential towers with character-defining horizontal window striation and balconies.

At the corner, a privately maintained and publicly accessible landscaped park serves as an amenity for tenants and neighbors. The one-acre park has become a valuable addition as the new heart of the neighborhood, and was designed with features inspired by a forest, meadow, and children’s play fountain.