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The Line

Miami, Florida

Located in world-renowned Coconut Grove, The Line is a luxury, twin-tower, 800-unit apartment high-rise rising 40 stories into the Miami skyline. An immersive environment offering a respite from the heat and bustle of the city, the design focuses on a quietly elegant palette of bespoke materials to calm the senses and welcome each guest to their new home: pearlized iridescent, hand-troweled plaster, regional limestone panels, and blanca-white terrazzo with fossilized sea-shells. Set within a lush tropical garden, the design of the interior is decidedly simple and focused on regional modernism, providing for both daytime chic and evening glitz.

This engineering marvel carries a 50-meter Olympic pool and exterior garden and social spaces including a teaching kitchen, dual fitness gyms and wellness rooms, living room, indoor/outdoor “Florida” lounges, banquet space, a sound bath meditative space, private screening room, and children’s lounge.