A room with a bar and stools. A room with a table and chairs. A room with a couch and chairs. A room with a table and chairs. A room with a fireplace and a table. A room with tables and chairs.
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The Porter at 1 O’Connell St.

Sydney, Australia

The Porter is a place where business is activated. Gensler designed this sleek and sophisticated co-working environment, incorporating concierge services, community engagement, technology, food and beverages and furniture curation, to provide the ultimate in collaboration experiences. Co-branded with Haworth, The Porter offers the tools and spatial varieties that support a wide range of needs and activity types, with modern, high-quality furniture and technology. Driven by experience, knowledge and data directly captured from the community that inhabits it, the space is continually reinvented with new collaboration settings and technology tools and naturally kept current and relevant.