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The Tower at PNC Plaza

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Completed in October 2015, The Tower at PNC Plaza marks a new step in PNC’s efforts to revive downtown Pittsburgh. In designing this new 32-story corporate headquarters, Gensler and its partners set a new standard for sustainable skyscrapers, devising an innovative, low-energy strategy to heat and cool the building. From its one-of-a-kind, breathable double skin to its innovative workplace strategy, the LEED® Platinum-certified tower drives building performance to new levels. Through an integrated approach, the iconic tower advances the science of high-rise office buildings, introduces new benefits to the workplace, and supports the community at large.

The building’s interior was designed as a vertical campus to promote connectivity and collaboration. Proprietary research and company-specific observations informed the workplace design, with distinct zones designed to support various work modes. Paired office floors are connected with two-story neighborhoods. These light-filled areas connect employees and provide alternate workspaces. Each neighborhood features subtle variations in program and furnishings, encouraging people to move between floors and connect with each other.