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The View at The Palm

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Enlisted to create a world-class attraction that shares the authentic story and experience of Palm Jumeirah, Gensler worked with Nakheel Properties to design a viewing deck overlooking the islands as well as an interactive museum. Centered on the theme “Inspiring Wonder,” Gensler and the client envisioned a high-value, accessible, educational, entertaining, and flexible destination.

Typically, busy viewing decks are uniquely challenged by the fact that visitor flow is dictated entirely by elevator capacity and timing. To address this, Gensler worked with Nakheel to maximize both the throughput and the visitor experience by strategically crafting a series of spaces that compose the pre- and post- viewing deck journey. At The View at The Palm, visitors are kept engaged through immersive media experiences that are both pulsed and free flowing. The new destination, located atop the Nakheel Mall, embodies a multifaceted synthesis of Gensler’s holistic strategy of experience design, including architecture, brand, and digital design, that culminate in a truly memorable space for visitors.