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Uber Skyport Mobility Hub Concept

Dallas, Texas, and Los Angeles, California

Mobility has an enormous impact on people’s experience of a city. If we can improve mobility, we can give people back time, reduce carbon in our atmosphere, and can begin to give our city streets back to pedestrians. This is the promise of Aerial Rideshare, and this is why we created our CitySpace concept for Uber’s Skyport Mobility Hub.

Gensler’s CitySpace concept for the Skyport Mobility Hub is tomorrow’s mobility, today. The team created two concepts that share a common kit of parts: a retrofit to existing buildings and a bespoke ground-up solution. CitySpace is a community destination and connection point that welcomes people at the beginning or end of their journey, while dramatically reducing parking impact on the city. This design solution becomes a pivotal piece of the urban fabric, binding the neighborhood together with a central place to shop, dine, and engage while reducing congestion across the city.