A person walking in a room. A hallway with blue and white walls. A person standing in a room with a couch and chairs. A person walking down a hall. A couple of women sitting at a table in a room with a large glass wall and a large. A person sitting on a couch. An office with a desk and chairs. A large conference room with a large table and chairs. People in a room with a display. A group of people in a room with a large display of hats.
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Visit Tampa Bay

Tampa, Florida

Brand, art, and architecture fuse to create an immersive experience that is uniquely Tampa. Visit Tampa Bay is a not-for-profit that promotes tourism and visitation to the Tampa Bay area. Although their target audience is traditionally everyone outside of their home city, the group is looking to open up and give back to the local community by offering a retail store with an office environment to serve as both a true visitors center and authentic Tampa shop.