A room with a wall of art.
A wall with a painting on it.
A person walking in a room.
A room with shelves of shoes.
A large room with a display of fruit and vegetables.
A room with a large group of balls and a large white pillar.
A room with a wood floor and a white table with a red couch.
A couple of people walking down a hall way.
A kitchen with a table and chairs.
A group of people in a large room with a large red wall.
A person standing next to a wall with a sign on it.
A group of people in a room.
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Wilson Sporting Goods

Chicago, Illinois

After extensive analysis of Wilson's existing workplace, Gensler designed a new work environment that promotes spontaneous collaboration, communication and efficiency. With products creatively showcased throughout the office, a solid sense of branding is evident in the office. Graphics and product signage are used consistently in common areas and workspaces, reinforcing the company's unique identity.