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Wind Town (Vėjo Miestelis)

Svencelė, Lithuania

SBA Urban is creating the first ‘Wind Town’ in Svencelė, the wind capital of Lithuania. Situated in a protected bay on the coast, the aim was to create a lively oasis of nature, human life, recreation, and wind sports, putting the area and region on the tourism map. Wind Town is designed to excite and welcome every visitor, regardless of ability or interest, and can be adapted for winter use to remain lively year-round.

Gensler delivered a concept design containing 250 individual ‘tiny houses,’ two hotels, restaurants, retail, and coworking spaces, a selection of kite surfing schools, and a marina. A variety of different housing aesthetics avoids uniformity and monotony, and instead promotes a playful, cosy, and community-oriented atmosphere. This is reflected in the choice of materials, colours, and finishes that represent local Lithuanian history, as if the town evolved over time. The predominantly car-free site has been reforested, with an abundance of green space for activities and a sense of neighborliness. The project is currently under construction and will be finalised in 2029.