Back to Hospitality
Reframing the Guest Experience

Hotel owners, developers, operators, and managers are grappling with a new set of challenges in these unprecedented times. We are reframing our approach to consider design solutions through the lens of health and wellness — helping to infuse spaces and places with a welcoming atmosphere to attract guests back. Our approach is grounded by our driving purpose to provide exceptional guest experiences. Informed and inspired by work, research, and learnings with our hospitality clients across the globe, we have developed a new framework for considering solutions required in the near term and for reevaluating long-term solutions as we navigate the way forward together.

On Thursday, July 2, Gensler Hospitality Leaders Tom Ito and Ana Ardon joined Global Practice Areas Leader Ray Shick to host a webinar. The conversation focused on charting the guest journey forward through planning immediate actions with a focus on health and wellness, leading the change through the ongoing pandemic, and envisioning the reimagined future of hospitality.

Download Gensler’s Back to Hospitality Guidebook to learn more about how we’re working closely with clients to address strategies and solutions that facilitate the transition to welcome guests back into hospitality space. We’re designing for new behaviors focused on both guests and associates alike, to ensure positive collective well-being while helping to instill a sense of trust, community, and common purpose as we move the guest experience forward.