Regional Leadership

Diane Hoskins

Global Co-Chair

+1 202.721.5218

 |  LinkedIn » Diane is Global Co-Chair of Gensler. Since 2005, the collaborative leadership embodied by Diane and Global...

Colin O’Brien

Regional Managing Principal

+1 404.507.0978

 |  LinkedIn » Colin joined Gensler in 2008, bringing with him strong professional experience in multi-unit retail and...

Office Leadership

Tory Winn

Co-Managing Director, Principal

+1 404.507.0899

 |  LinkedIn » Tory is Co-Managing Director of the Gensler Atlanta office where she leads client relationships, staff...

Kevin Songer

Co-Managing Director, Principal

+1 404.507.0954

 |  LinkedIn » Kevin is a Principal and Co-Managing Director of Gensler’s Atlanta office where he leads office operations...


Amy Bixler

Brand Design Leader, Studio Director, Principal

+1 404.507.1023

 |  LinkedIn » Amy is a global leader in Gensler’s Brand Design practice with more than 20 years’ experience in marketing...

Robert Fischel

Hospitality Leader, Principal

+1 404.507.1021

 |  LinkedIn » Robert is the Hospitality Leader for Gensler’s Southeast region. With experience spanning more than 30 years...

Erin Greer

Technology Leader, Strategy Leader, Principal

+1 404.507.0913

 |  LinkedIn » Erin is Gensler’s Global Technology Leader and Strategy Leader based in Gensler’s Atlanta office. An interior...

Shy Khalilahmadi

Design Director

+1 404.507.1038

 |  LinkedIn » With roots in both advertising and interior architecture, Shy is a Design Director who brings a unique...

Michael Lutz

Design Director

+1 404.507.0945

 |  LinkedIn » Michael is an award-winning designer with more than 20 years of experience in corporate interiors, hospitality...

Gail Malone

Technical Director, Principal

+1 (404) 507-0949

 |  LinkedIn » With over 20 years of experience, Gail brings strength and versatility to all of her roles. She approaches...

Jonathan Park

Design Director

+1 404.507.0928

 |  LinkedIn » Jon is a Design Director based in Gensler’s Atlanta office, with experience designing over 15 million square...

Julie Seitz

Client Strategy Director, Principal

+1 404.507.0872

 |  LinkedIn » Julie is a global senior business executive with a diverse business background spanning across sales...

Stephen Swicegood

Client Relationships Leader, Principal

+1 404.507.0990

 |  LinkedIn » Stephen is a nationally recognized leader in workplace strategy and design. In his tenure as Managing Director...

Jennifer Thornton

Studio Director

+1 404.507.1031

 |  LinkedIn » Jennifer is a Studio Director based in the Gensler Atlanta office. She brings over 15 years of experience...