Regional Leadership

Judy Pesek

Regional Managing Principal

+1 512.867.8121

 |  LinkedIn » As South Central Regional Managing Principal and a founding member of Gensler’s Workplace Taskforce, Judy...

Cindy Simpson

Regional Managing Principal

+1 214.273.1584

 |  LinkedIn » Cindy is a Co-Regional Managing Principal of the South Central Region and a member of Gensler’s Board of...

Office Leadership

Deeg Snyder

Co-Managing Director, Principal

+1 214.273.1561

 |  LinkedIn » As Co-Managing Director of Gensler’s Dallas office, Deeg is focused on delivering impactful placemaking...

Steven R. Upchurch

Co-Managing Director, Principal

+ 1 214.273.1523

 |  LinkedIn » Steven is a Co-Managing Director of Gensler’s Dallas office and an accomplished hospitality and entertainment...


Scott Armstrong

Studio Director, Principal

+1 214.273.1612

 |  LinkedIn » Scott’s well-honed expertise in managing complex, large-scale projects has established him as a strategic and...

Justin Bashaw

Design Director, Principal

+1 214.273.1654

 |  LinkedIn » Justin is a Principal and Design Director in Gensler’s Dallas office. He delivers practice area expertise to...

Ross Conway

Design Director, Principal

+1 214.273.1633

 |  LinkedIn » A Principal of Gensler Dallas, Ross is actively focused on developing the Mixed Use Practice Area within our...

Rick Ferrara

Industrial & Logistics Leader, Studio Director, Principal

+1 214.273.1535

 |  LinkedIn » As a global leader in the Industrial & Logistics practice at Gensler, Rick focuses on process-driven...

Lillian Giering

Studio Director, Principal

+1 214.273.1653

 |  LinkedIn » With over 20 years and 4 million square feet of workplace interiors experience, Lillian is a problem solver...

Alejandro Guerrero

Design Director, Principal

+1 214.866.1837

 |  LinkedIn » As a Principal and Design Director in Gensler’s Dallas office, Alejandro provides practice area expertise to...

Barry Hand

Studio Director, Principal

+1 214.273.1659

 |  LinkedIn » Barry is a Principal in Gensler’s Dallas office, where he serves as the Cities & Urban Design Leader for...

Tim Hudson

Aviation Leader, Principal

+1 214.866.2450

 |  LinkedIn » As an Aviation Leader, Tim brings more than 25 years of experience in the planning, design, and delivery of...

Paul Manno


+1 214.273.1620

 |  LinkedIn » An award-winning architect and interior designer, Paul is deeply committed to experiential, people-centric...

Joshua Metzger

Studio Director, Principal

+1 214.866.2437

 |  LinkedIn » Joshua is a Principal and Studio Director in Gensler’s Dallas office who offers expertise in all aspects of the...