Regional Leadership

Scott Dunlap

Regional Managing Principal

+1 415.836.4124

 |  LinkedIn » Scott is a Managing Principal for Gensler’s Northwest Region, with oversight for offices in Oakland, San...

Karen H. Thomas

Regional Managing Principal

+1 206.654.2104

 |  LinkedIn » An award-winning architect and community leader, Karen leads the Northwest region as a Co-Managing Principal...

Office Leadership

Randy Howder

Managing Director, Principal

+1 415.836.4152

 |  LinkedIn » As Managing Director of our San Francisco office, Randy focuses on transforming our clients’ organizations...

Hao Ko

Managing Director, Principal

+1 415.836.4507

 |  LinkedIn » As Managing Director for the San Francisco office of Gensler, Hao leads with design and is focused on building...


Ben Tranel


+1 415.836.4428

 |  LinkedIn » Ben views his role as architect in the broadest sense, as a steward of the built environment. He aspires to an...

Bert deViterbo, Jr.

Studio Director, Principal

+1 415.836.4526

 |  LinkedIn » As a Studio Director based in Gensler’s San Francisco office, Bert is a master of leveraging technical...

Cathy Bregenzer

Financial Services Leader, Principal

+1 415.836.4109

 |  LinkedIn » Cathy is a Financial Services Leader. As Principal and Client Relationship Leader in the firm’s San Francisco...

Doug Zucker


+1 415.836.4242

 |  LinkedIn » Doug leads the building repositioning focus in our San Francisco office. Fascinated by how environments...

Gail Napell

Global Design Resilience Co-Leader

+1 415.836.4335

 |  LinkedIn » With over 32 years of experience, Gail is a licensed architect who is passionate about optimizing the...

Janice Cavaliere

Design Director, Principal

+1 415.836.4179

 |  LinkedIn » Janice believes that meaningful experiences can differentiate brands, drive business, and build community. She...

Kelly Dubisar

Design Director, Principal

+1 415.836.4308

 |  LinkedIn » Kelly is an award-winning Design Director who uses her creative energy to provide tailored design solutions for...

Kirsten Ritchie

Global Climate Action & Sustainability Leader, Community Sector Leader, Principal

+1 415.836.4324

 |  LinkedIn » As a global leader of Gensler’s Climate Action & Sustainability practice, Kirsten serves as one of the...

Lisa Cholmondeley

Design Manager, Principal

+1 415.836.3454

 |  LinkedIn » Lisa is committed to the idea that design happens at all stages of a project. As a Principal in our San...

Michael Bodziner

Chief Human Resources Officer, Principal

+1 415.836.4105

 |  LinkedIn » As the Chief Human Resources Officer of Gensler, Michael brings deep experience through his 37-year tenure with...

Peter Weingarten

Developer Leader, Principal

+1 415.836.4312

 |  LinkedIn » Peter is a Developer Leader for Gensler’s Northwest region based in Gensler’s San Francisco office. His...

Ryan Fetters

Design Director, Principal

+1 415.836.4579

 |  LinkedIn » An Aviation Leader with a background in retail design, Ryan has designed some of Gensler’s most notable...

Sandy Mendler

Design Resilience Leader, Principal

+1 415.836.4161

 |  LinkedIn » Sandy is a nationally recognized architect and planner focused on creating inspiring new models for healthy...

Tony Thornton

Global Account Director, Principal

+1 415.836.4540

 |  LinkedIn » As a Global Account Director, Tony oversees the global planning, design, and delivery of projects for key...