Regional Leadership

Jordan Goldstein


+1 202.721.5302

 |  LinkedIn » Jordan Goldstein, Co-CEO of Gensler, Co-Regional Managing Principal of the firm’s Southeast region, and a...

Diane Hoskins

Global Co-Chair

+1 202.721.5218

 |  LinkedIn » Diane is Global Co-Chair of Gensler. Since 2005, the collaborative leadership embodied by Diane and Global...

Colin O’Brien

Regional Managing Principal

+1 404.507.0978

 |  LinkedIn » Colin joined Gensler in 2008, bringing with him strong professional experience in multi-unit retail and...

Office Leadership

Francisco Gonzalez

Co-Managing Director, Principal

+1 202.263.5440

 |  LinkedIn » A Principal and Co-Managing Director of Gensler’s Washington, D.C. office, Francisco is an award-winning...

Kimberly Sullivan

Co-Managing Director, Principal

+1 202.263.5483

 |  LinkedIn » A Principal and Co-Managing Director of Gensler’s Washington, D.C. office, Kim leads teams of architects...


Christian Amolsch

Client Relationships Leader, Professional Services Leader, Principal

+1 202.776.7641

 |  LinkedIn » Christian is a Client Relationships Leader and Professional Services Leader for Gensler’s Southeast region. His...

Sumita Arora

Work Sector Leader, Media Leader, Principal

+1 202.721.5229

 |  LinkedIn » Sumita is an accomplished leader, serving as Gensler’s Global Work Sector Leader and overseeing the Media...

Emma Chang

Design Director, Principal

+86 (10) 6562.8916

 |  LinkedIn » Emma is a Design Director based in Gensler’s Washington, D.C. office, where she first began her Gensler career...

Lisa Cholmondeley

Design Manager, Principal

+1 415.836.3454

 |  LinkedIn » Lisa is committed to the idea that design happens at all stages of a project. As a Principal in Gensler’s...

Madeleine Crippen

Regional Marketing Leader, Principal

+1 202.776.7520

 |  LinkedIn » An experienced marketing and communications leader, Maddy has focused her career on the corporate real estate...

Carlos Cubillos

Cities Sector Leader, Design Director, Principal

+1 202.721.5362

 |  LinkedIn » As a Global Cities Sector Leader at Gensler, Carlos brings expertise in architecture, urban design, and master...

Laura DeBonis

Technical Director, Design Realization Leader, Principal

+1 202.721.5206

 |  LinkedIn » A Technical Director in Gensler’s Washington, D.C. office, Laura has more than 20 years of industry experience...

Tama Duffy Day

Senior Living Leader, Principal

+1 202.776.7645

 |  LinkedIn » Tama is a Principal, global leader of Gensler’s Senior Living practice, and an advisor to the Health Sector. A...

Phil Esocoff

+1 202.263.5499

With more than 40 years in architecture, Phil is committed to creating vibrant, contemporary environments that...

Donald Ghent


+1 202.721.5294

 |  LinkedIn » With a knack for untangling complex technical problems, Don is Gensler’s reigning authority on technical design...

Jaime Gimeno

Design Director, Principal

+1 202.721.6402

 |  LinkedIn » Jaime is a Design Director based in Gensler’s Washington, D.C. office. He has over two decades of international...

Jill Goebel

Global Director of Design, Principal

+1 202.263.5494

 |  LinkedIn » As a global design leader, Jill is driven to create compelling and transformative experiences through research...

Francisco Gonzalez

Co-Managing Director, Principal

+1 202.263.5440

 |  LinkedIn » A Principal and Co-Managing Director of Gensler’s Washington, D.C. office, Francisco is an award-winning...

Hansoo Kim

Studio Director, Design Director, Principal

+1 202.721.5260

 |  LinkedIn » Hansoo’s multicultural background is part of his inner strength and adaptability as a designer. These qualities...

Kate Kirkpatrick

Strategy Director, Studio Director, Principal

+1 202.721.5295

 |  LinkedIn » Kate’s fascination with people and why they do things the way they do has fueled her 30-year career in strategy...

Jennifer Klein

Studio Director, Principal

+1 202.721.5381

 |  LinkedIn » Jennifer is a Studio Director based in Gensler’s Washington D.C. office. With over 30 years of experience in...

Brandon Larcom

Product Development Leader

+1 202.721.5353

 |  LinkedIn » Brandon is a global leader of Gensler’s Product Development practice. As Co-Director of Product Development, he...

Duncan Lyons

Office Developers Leader, Design Director, Principal

+1 202.263.5474

 |  LinkedIn » Duncan serves as a Global Office Developers Leader and Design Director for architecture in our Washington, D.C...

Simisola Marinho

Government & Defense Leader, Studio Director, Principal

+1 202.263.5434

 |  LinkedIn » Simi is a global leader of the firm’s Government & Defense practice area and a Studio Director in Gensler’s...

John McKinney

Design Director, Principal

+1 202.721.5227

John McKinney is a Design Director at Gensler’s Washington, D.C. office. For more than 20 years, he has worked...

Janet Pogue McLaurin

Global Director Workplace Research, Principal

+1 202.721.5259

 |  LinkedIn » Janet Pogue McLaurin is a global leader of Gensler’s Work Sector practices and research initiatives. As the...

Katie Mesia

Design Resilience Leader, Principal

+1 202.263.5430

 |  LinkedIn » As a Firmwide Design Resilience Leader and Director of Sustainability for the Southeast region, Katie focuses...

Aimee Messina

Technical Director, Principal

+1 (202) 721-5304

 |  LinkedIn » As a Design Realization Leader for the Southeast Region and Technical Director in the Washington, D.C. office...

Tony Okoye

Technical Director, Principal

+1 202.776.7655

 |  LinkedIn » Tony is a Principal and Technical Director in Gensler’s Washington, D.C. office. Drawing upon a wide range of...

Ty Osbaugh

Cities Sector Leader, Principal

+1 202.263.5451

 |  LinkedIn » A registered architect, Ty is a Global Cities Sector Leader at Gensler, who is focused on the firm’s Aviation...

Robert A. Peck

Government & Defense Leader, Principal

+1 202.721.5228

 |  LinkedIn » Bob is a co-leader of the firm’s Government & Defense practice. He served for eight years as Commissioner...

JJ Rivers

Studio Director, Principal

+1 202.776.7654

 |  LinkedIn » JJ Rivers is a Principal, Studio Director, and Mixed Use & Retail Centers Leader for the Southeast region...

Tim Pittman

Director of Research, Principal

+1 213.492.1621

 |  LinkedIn » As Director of the Gensler Research Institute, Tim provides strategic leadership and insight across the...

Theresa Sheils

Co-Regional Managing Principal

 |  LinkedIn » Theresa is the Co-Regional Managing Principal of Gensler’s Asia Pacific and Middle East (APME) region...

Tom Shen


+1 202.721.5266

 |  LinkedIn » Tom is the Practice Area Community Leader for the Southeast region and a member of Gensler’s Global Race and...

Tim Taylor

Director of Specifications, Principal

+1 202.721.5299

As Gensler’s Firmwide Director of Specifications, Tim plays an invaluable role in ensuring that our visions are...

John Thomann

Technical Director, Studio Director, Principal

+1 202.776.7502

 |  LinkedIn » An authority on codes, permitting and on-site coordination, John has spent his career solving technical...

Sean Wayne

Foundations, Associations & Organizations Leader, Studio Director

+ 1.202.365.0357

 |  LinkedIn » As a global leader of Gensler's Foundations, Associations and Organizations practice, Sean has designed large...

Jim Williamson

Design Management Leader, Principal

+1 202.721.5244

 |  LinkedIn » Jim brings more than 30 years of experience in strategy, programming, interior design and delivery of...