Lisa Munao headshot

Lisa Munao

Managing Director

Lisa is the Managing Director of Gensler’s Sydney office, overseeing the strategic growth and operations of the firm in Australia and New Zealand. With 25 years of design industry experience, Lisa brings a wealth of expertise to her leadership role. Driven by a passion for creative thinking and a love for problem-solving to create unique solutions, Lisa embraces a collaborative, multi-faceted approach that encompasses both the pragmatic and the esoteric. Her background includes leading teams and managing major interior projects for Australian and global organizations such as KPMG, CBA, and new banking ventures in Asia, including the implementation of design philosophies, and the integration of emerging technologies across diverse socio-economic contexts.

Her philosophy centers on a customer-focused mindset, a commitment to motivating teams, a dedication to design and delivery excellence, a global perspective, and a penchant for collaborating with visionaries. Through her work, Lisa seeks to create healthy, inspiring, and sustainable environments that align with her vision for a brighter and more innovative future.