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1 Soho Place

London, United Kingdom

Celebrating the evolution of financial services, the key purpose of this confidential firm’s new workplace is to better connect its teams and help seamlessly make the move to the progressive, eclectic Soho neighbourhood, known for its culture, creativity, and history.

The workplace concept centers around “Soho sophisticate,” integrating the financial services firm’s distinct vision and global aesthetic with the vibrant and inclusive essence of its new location, which celebrates iconic details of the surrounding Soho area. The ‘arcades’ were reflected in the working areas, ‘bay windows’ became collaboration spaces, the ‘suites’ are client-facing meeting rooms, and internal corridors are ‘secret passageways.’ Barrisol mirrored ceilings create the illusion of an expansive, infinite space with a heightened sense of energy, tactfully reflecting the lively area within the sophisticated workspace.

Strategically bringing employees together under one roof has resulted in a fundamental change for the business, fostering a renewed sense of community and intentional opportunities for spontaneous connections and conversations via the office’s central grand staircase. An embodiment of the firm’s values, the modern workplace reflects an ambition to live better and has achieved a BREEAM Outstanding certification.