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Baring Private Equity Asia

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

BPEA, an industry leader in Asian private equity, worked with Gensler to refurbish its existing office with the addition of new floor space to meet its global office design standards. The existing space in Mumbai was challenged by limited access to daylight in the office area and its floor plan of cluttered, enclosed spaces created a maze-like experience. Gensler delivered a new and highly refined workspace for BPEA, with a focus on aligning the new office space with its global design standards.

Gensler maximized views by adding wood and glass fronts to offices and conference rooms. The expanded office space is located between an elegant visitor zone, comprised of four conference rooms and a lounge area, and a casual work zone for its investment professionals. A breakout space overlooks the reception area and bridges the visitor zone with the employee work zone. This small but highly detailed suite makes a return on its investment and delivers a sophisticated workplace experience.