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Community of Hope Family Health and Birth Center

Washington, D.C.

Community of Hope joined forces with Gensler to expand and reposition its headquarters, community center, and Washington, D.C.’s only freestanding birth center. With construction forthcoming, the Gensler team created a mural on the existing building to generate buzz and strengthen community connection.

Simple but eye-catching, the mural plays on pop art themes, using icons to represent and highlight Community of Hope's mission. The mural features plus signs for healthcare, hearts for family, abstract people for community, houses for ending homelessness, and the organization’s logo, with each framed in on-brand purple and intended to express identity and purpose. For people without sufficient healthcare coverage, freestanding birth centers serve as hospital alternatives, providing women with more control over their birth experiences. As Community of Hope seeks to rectify chronically poor birth outcomes of Black women, drawing attention to safe alternatives is crucial.