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Confidential Financial Client

Charlotte, North Carolina

Inspired by the concept of a "city in a park," the design nods to the many verdant public spaces flanking Charlotte neighborhoods. In the workplace, each neighborhood on the floor is adjacent to a "community garden," a portal that adds a pleasant, momentary beat for separation between workspaces, lockers, and circulation areas. Color schemes and Instagrammable custom graphics differentiate the neighborhoods, named after iconic Charlotte neighborhoods like Dilworth and South End. Accompanying graphics of plants native to the area create a sense of place near lockers where the staff, which has adopted dynamic seating, stores belongings. Finishes throughout the space are a study in contrasts between sharp and soft, with homespun wicker light fixtures, vivid carpeting and throw pillows, and metallic privacy partitions between workspaces and collaborative zones.

The floor achieved the client’s goals to: innovate the modern workplace design for an engaged and productive workforce; optimize the portfolio to drive utilization, efficiencies, flexibility, and to reduce real estate costs; and promote collaboration, productivity, satisfaction, well-being, and sustainability.