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Cross Office by ORIX

Tokyo, Japan

オリックス株式会社 クロスオフィス


ORIX partnered with Gensler to develop a one-of-a-kind service office that strategically combines a range of businesses and tenants under one roof at its Cross Office location in Roppongi. The design team adapted the Cross Office Roppongi brand to meet the evolving needs of both its clients and new, diverse workforce, with solutions including flexible, activity-based workspaces, digital signage, promotional goods, and a dedicated area for hosting events. The modern office is themed around the concept, “Art & Digital,” to reflect the entrepreneurial spirit and creative culture of the neighboring area.

The service office design was inspired by the board game, Scrabble, which challenges players to mix and match alphabetical letters to create words. Likewise, the Cross Office Roppongi space reflects a combination of various services, environments, and designs within one multi-purpose workspace. Inside, one floor is focused on art while another is centered on a digital theme; each is anchored by a lounge area or private offices. The lounge can be used as an event venue, while private offices are secured with high-tech security.


六本木の拠点では、ベンチャー精神とクリエイティブな文化が融合する六本木ならではのArts & Digitalをテーマに、「ラウンジを中心にしたフロア」と「個室オフィス中心のフロア」を設定。 大型モニターや可動式家具で構成されたラウンジはイベントスペースとしても使用可能なのに対し、個室オフィス中心のフロアでは、従来の機密性とセキュリティを重視した個別のニーズに対応できる空間となっている。