A room with a couch and tables. A room with a table and chairs. A room with a couch and a chair. A room with a glass wall and a table and chairs. A room with a table and chairs.
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Edwards Lifesciences

Munich, Germany

Edwards Lifesciences, a global leader in medical innovations for heart disease, turned to Gensler to design its new home in the Munich area to be flexible, innovative, purposeful, and above all, a people-centric environment. The Munich office will be a space that fosters team spirit, a passion for health, and an enhanced sense of community. Edwards Lifesciences’ new work destination, situated on a vibrant business campus, offers access to an ecosystem of other businesses and amenities. A purposefully designed cafe space acts as the heart of the office, where employees can gather, socialise, and share meals. Biophilic design elements are incorporated throughout the office design, offering increased access to brightening daylight, lush greenery, and natural materials. The team specified low VOC paints, carpets, and acoustic wall paneling to further improve the overall health and comfort of the space’s occupants.