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Ella B. Scarborough Community Resource Center

Charlotte, North Carolina

The Ella B. Scarborough Community Resource Center (CRC) in Mecklenburg County is a ground-up base building project in Charlotte, North Carolina. The net-zero ready facility is one of five planned CRCs in the county and is optimized to promote health and wellness through trauma-informed design. Focused on the goal of delivering quality county services in areas where they are needed most, the CRC aims to be both convenient and hospitable to customers. This 106,000-square-foot space is also designed to create a better work environment for its workers and help empower them to stay connected to their passion for service as they support families moving from dependence to independence.

The integration of trauma-informed design was critical to providing a safe and inclusive place for visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Convenience and accessibility were priorities for the design of the community center, which seeks to make visitors feel comfortable from the moment they enter. Multiple measures were taken throughout the design process to achieve the facility’s net-zero energy ready goal, with an overall focus on reducing energy loads through efficient lighting and thoughtful facade design. On-site solar and a geothermal well field reduce the building’s energy consumption.

With plans to expand and connect additional resources in the neighborhood, the Ella B. Scarborough Community Resource Center works to build community by offering critical services for county residents in one accessible location.