Espresso Americano art and logo on brick wall Espresso American mug and tote Espresso Americano graphic of 3 people gathering coffee beans Espresso Americano drawing on iPad and finished coffee bag art Espresso Americano coffee bags Espresso Americano coffee bags
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Espresso Americano

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Beginning with a targeted visual identity refresh, Gensler’s collaboration with Espresso Americano has grown into a multifaceted strategic partnership with a focus on engaging new audiences and solidifying the brand’s status as a quintessential coffee icon.

Immersing ourselves in the rich tapestry of Espresso Americano’s heritage and the cultural vibrancy of Honduras, our team crafted a narrative that encapsulates the essence of this storied coffee brand. From meticulously curated packaging designs to bespoke illustrations, comprehensive brand guidelines, and sub-brand identities, every element is meticulously tailored to convey the company’s history and support brand expansion into new regions.