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Fields West Master Plan

Frisco, Texas

The Fields West development in Frisco encompasses 325,000 square feet of retail, restaurant and entertainment space, 2,800 apartments, more than four million square feet of office space, and three hotels. A meandering main street, “Fields Avenue,” offers multiple storefront views, unique landscaping, and outdoor dining experiences. Fields West is one of three mixed-use development districts planned for Frisco’s more than 2,500-acre Fields development.

Together with Fields’ developers and landowners, Gensler’s planning and architectural design team reimagined the 2,545-acre greenfield site into a collection of nine interconnected communities. Each neighborhood appeals to a variety of demographics and has signature characteristics for how people live, work, play, eat, shop, learn, and enjoy life outdoors. Given the scale and complexity of the Fields site, the design team’s approach to the masterplan was akin to creating a new city, with the goal of balancing density, emphasizing pedestrian experiences, and preserving bucolic areas.