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Confidential Financial Services Client

Lansing, Michigan

This mutual company initiated an effort to establish a new sense of direction by creating a workplace in a new building that adds tangible value and optimizes the employee experience. Through cost-effective design interventions, Gensler created a trove of employee-focused and flexible features — many of which can be accessed via a central, collaborative hub — to enhance the industrious mentality of this financial company while driving connectivity and spontaneous connection among its colleagues.

While employee-focused amenities have long been a priority, it was crucial that the new workplace’s offerings be flexible, practical, and rooted in employee wellbeing. Such amenities include a cafe serving healthy food, situated within a spacious dining room that can be transformed to host all-staff town halls, as well as access to the outdoors via a patio space, and an expansive atrium that bathes the building’s interiors in natural light.