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New York, New York

Anticipating the rise of “smart cities” that use artificial intelligence, connected autonomous transportation systems, and advanced-real time sensor technologies, Gensler developed FLOAT NYC as a concept to activate and transform Park Avenue. FLOAT NYC is a passenger cruise on a 105-foot-high buoyant float structure, capable of hosting television and film screenings on its façade. It is composed of a light-weight space frame with a deck that ascends and descends for passenger pick-up and drop-off. To mobilize the structure, an autonomous tote vehicle would run parallel along Park Avenue. To mitigate the shifts in pedestrian and road traffic, the concept features addressable digital paving tiles, informed by embedded sensors, that allow for the reallocation of valuable street and pedestrian space. A hybrid of open public space, digital technology, and autonomous vehicles, FLOAT NYC redefines the human experience and transportation within the urban geography.